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We’re getting a lot of Doctor Who Fan Meetup messages with questions about the basics so we thought we’d reblog ourselves. (If only Tumblr still had pinned posts!)


It is with great excitement that we get to announce…

The Official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fan Meetup at San Diego Comic-Con!

This is a place for fans to meet other fans and just have a good time. 


Here’s what you should know:

The meetup is Saturday, July 20th from 2-4pm.

It’s being held at: Block No. 16, 344 7th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. It’s the space that NerdHQ used for their entire event last year! So it’s BIG!

The event is ALL AGES so bring your friends, bring your family, bring the Whovian you met standing in line at that thing the other day.


NO RSVP is required. It’s first come, first served. Last year’s meetup was PACKED, so this year we decided that we needed a venue that was bigger on the inside. Block No. 16 IS THAT PLACE. The line officially starts at noon.

Once you’re there, get inside, grab a name tag, meet your fellow Whovians who you may have reblogged, retweeted, liked, and followed… and actually do it in real life.

Here’s what we’ll all do:

World famous video remix DJ Eclectic Method will headline the event.
We had so much fun at his DJ set at the meetup at SXSW that we asked Eclectic Method to join us at SDCC! And he’ll be remixing footage from 50 years of Doctor Who. For a fandom that knows how to remix things, we figured he’d be super appropriate to have at the meetup.

Take and upload your picture at The Mobile Whovian Photo Thingy.
There will be a roaming photo thingy. They will take your picture. They will upload it automagically to the internet.

Observe the Ginormous Doctor Who Fan Art Screensaver.
We’ve talked about this before — Block No. 16 has a ginormous 35 foot LED screen so we’ve gathered up your Doctor Who fan art and your contributions to the Doctor Who Tumblr Asked For My Autograph thing and put them on the screen. Because it’s cool and so is your art and so are you.

Join in on Doctor Who Cosplay Class Photos.
It’s the 50th Anniversary so we’re expecting to see cosplay of Doctors and Companions of all eras. So let’s get everyone together on stage for photos!

Take part in the Doctor Who Cosplay Theatre Challenge
We wanted to one-up our cosplay contest from last year’s meetup so this year we’re going to pick ten Whovians from the crowd and pair them up as Doctors and Companions to act out short scenes from episodes of Doctor Who. Winner gets something cool.

Visit the Doctor Who Pop-Up Shop
The fine folks from the have brought their goodies from the Comic-Con convention floor to the meetup. There will be exclusive Doctor Who merchandise!

We are sooooo excited about this! If you have any questions, submit them via our Ask. We’ll compile a bunch of them and post a FAQ later this week.

See everyone there!

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